Handwritten Love Letters

According to a U.S. survey by Passion Marketing Research Associates, 62% of the female respondents say “their most cherished gift on Valentines Day would be a letter in the handwriting of their beloved.”
Love letters are better than chocolates
A priceless handwritten gift, love letters are more sought after than presents according to new research from the Get On campaign. The research, carried out amongst 2,000 women across the UK.

Love Poems by handwrittenletters.com
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Love Poems by handwrittenletters.com

handwrittenletters.com have released two of our very own Love Poems for your personal use (not for commercial use)
worded in the new-romantics style the poems are best handwritten in cursive to provide the most impact.

Love Poem 1

Awakened from a sleepless dream
 gentle hands caress your face

 Wings of angels glide to meet your glance
 with anticipation on the silken breeze

 In trust your smile calms my beating heart
 upon the dawning light of our love fulfilled

 A whisper from your lips
 terrestrial skies, heavens eclipse

 Now that longed for kiss
 we are now as one our hearts combine

Love Poem 2.

Tis by chance our paths do meet
 flow shimmering waters  by

 We speak with hastened breath
 oh sound so sweet thy voice

 Tell me shall we meet once more
 her reply so faint the thrill

 Spirits high upon the plain
 yes our chance meet will be again