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According to a U.S. survey by Passion Marketing Research Associates, 62% of the female respondents say “their most cherished gift on Valentines Day would be a letter in the handwriting of their beloved.”
Love letters are better than chocolates
A priceless handwritten gift, love letters are more sought after than presents according to new research from the Get On campaign. The research, carried out amongst 2,000 women across the UK.

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Five Types of Love Letters
Five Types of Love Letters to Write to Your Lover

By L D Plumlee | Submitted On February 13, 2010
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Expert Author L D Plumlee

Since writing was first invented, love letters have been popular for the simple reason that they are the perfect way to share your feelings with your lover and tell them how much you care. For many of us, writing a love letter is a daunting task. For some it is a simple matter to sit down and poor out there emotions and their hearts and put that into words on paper, for many they get out a pen and stare at a black sheet of paper and the words elude them. If you would like to write a great lover letter, here are five tips for writing a letter to your lover

Things Unsaid

The first tip is to write a letter saying all of the things that you keep meaning to talk about but never can get out. If you have trouble sharing your emotions this is the perfect letter for you. Just start writing down all the things that you see in your partner and admire, write all of the little things that make you love them and make you look forward to spending time together. If you start to get out the things that you never share it will show your partner a whole new side of you and could help to deepen your relationship. Getting out things that you never really share is an awesome way to show your loved one just how important they are in your life.

Things You Always Say

The next type of love letter for you to consider is to write down the type of words that you always share. If you put your everyday words down for your loved one to see, they can take a look during the day or nights when the two of you are apart and be reminded of how much you care.


Poetry has been around as long as the love letter, and has made many famous through the ages. While you may not be the next Shakespeare your lover will be truly impress that you put some real thought into creating something especially for them.

Song Lyrics

This method is again for those of you that are very creative. If you have a love of music, you could really impress your loved one by writing a song for them. You can write an entirely new song or just write new lyrics for a song that is a favorite of your loved one.

A Humorous Love Letter

Many people have a relationship that is driven by a sarcastic wit and by humor. Are you in one of these relationships, you will know if you are and may consider writing a funny love letter. You can be really funny and still get your feelings across.

There are an unlimited number of methods that you can use to write a love letter. If you want your letter to have the most meaning for the two of you, just think about the person that you love and craft a letter that fits your lifestyles and express who you are. Take your time to find the perfect letter that fits into your relationship. You will both be glad you did.

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