handwrittenletters.com is a website dedicated to handwritten letters, their content, history and the place they have in peoples hearts and minds.

Included in our website are peoples thoughts, feelings and emotions about sending and especially receiving handwritten letters:-
Peoples thoughts about handwritten letters
While he shows me every day how much he loves me, he hardly ever expresses it with words. This letter makes me feel so important.
Suitcase full of handwritten letters
In an age of electronic everything and instant access to information, I, more than anything in the world, LOVE getting handwritten letters in the mail.

Nothing makes me happier than sending and receiving handwritten letters in the mail. There’s something so personal and thoughtful about them.

Ancient cast of Queen Atossa
Another area covered on our website is the history of handwritten letters with a brief as well as a full history from the first recorded handwritten letter by Persion Queen Atossa around 500BC to the first prepaid nationwide postal delivery service in 1840.
her from the film

Theodore Twombly and beautiful handwritten letters.

Gallery of handwritten letters Gallery of handwritten letters from 1822 to modern times from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Kenya and Danzig.

Videos about handwritten letters

There is also a section about handwritten letters on YouTube covering many subjects including "How to write a handwritten letter", "Writting a love letter" and videos about handwritten letters by Eva Paron and Buce Lee.

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